Noble Igwe clears air on Yahoo boys ‘snitching’ tweet

Following the outrage sparked by his controversial tweets about yahoo boys in Nigeria using companies  as fronts, Nigerian blogger Noble Igwe has clarified on his controversial stand.

He tweeted:

“To clarify certain aspects of my tweets.” beginning his clarifications. 

“We are the society that we live in and we can either make it better or leave it worse.” He continues by admitting that there are numerous legitimate businesses in Nigeria.  “NOT ALL Record labels, shops on Fola Osibo /Admiralty way is a front for fraud as there are people in these businesses that are legit.” He says. 

“I didn’t not SAY All and I do know there are a lot of people who really love entertainment and have invested in it.There are car sellers that are legit,there are club owners that are legit.”

He drops another BOMBSHELL: “There’s fraud is all aspect of our society including the church.”
He continues: “I agree that the Government has made our society what it is today but you’d also agree with me that we cannot continue to tarnish our image within and outside of Africa.”

The blame returns to the goverment:
“The legislative, executive and judiciary has failed us but how can do compensate by taking from one another.”


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