Why “Yahoo” is trending on Nigerian Twitter

If you are in Nigeria and you check your twitter trends, you will find out that “Yahoo” is trending at with over 255,000 tweets. Following close behind is “Noble Igwe” with over 12,500 tweets. 

Some smart investor might want to think that Nigerians are beginning develop kin  Interest in the  email service provider. But to the contrary. The answer actually lies in the next trend following just below; “Noble Igwe.”

Noble igwe is a Nigerian blogger who is also a fashion ambassador for a Nigerian online retail outlet. He made a damning accusation today via his twitter page alleging that many Nigerian companies are fronts for some Nigerian fraudsters. This allegation snowballed into a s***storm. With many agurements for and against the perceived “snitch.” Noble even went as far as calling out stores on “Admiralty/Fola Osibo.” 

He tweeted: “Online stores and stores on Admiralty/Fola Osibo are used for money laundering.”

He also called on Nigeria’s anti corruption agency, EFCC to investigate these alleged fronts. 

What is the “Yahoo”  link?
In Nigeria, many young people engage in internet fraud including online dating scams, wire scams and the famous “Nigerian Prince” scam. These group of people are generally known in Nigeria as “Yahoo boys.” They live big,  drive huge flashy cars and wear designer clothes. Many of them as Noble igwe insinuates have invested their I’ll gotten wealth in business that shield them from the prying eyes off law enforcement agents. These businesses include: record labels,  online stores,  car sales etc. These are the people that the controversial blogger is targeting and for which he is receiving a huge backlash. Many tweets regarding this matter mention “Yahoo,” making it a top trend in Nigeria. 



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