Nigerians drag Noble Igwe for listing companies run by “Yahoo boys” internet fraudsters  

Nigerian blogger and founder of 360 Nobs Group, Noble Igwe is in the news again for the bad reason. This time, the controversial blogger is under fire. He is right now on the receiving end of insults and negative outbursts on social media following his huge revelation of companies in Nigeria that are allegedly fraud fronts for internet fraudsters. 

Igwe listed record labels, online stores and car sales outfits in his explosive revelation. This comes after EFCC operatives led a raid on Club 57 In Ikoyi, which resulted in the arrest of 12 “Yahoo Yahoo” boys. The companies, Igwe alleges are being  run by fraudstars who use these companies to front as the source of the their wealth to evade the authorities. 
The list of these fraudulent companies as: 

“Record label Estate/ Property Business Car Selling business The Above are major 419 /fraud fronts in Nigeria.

“EFCC needs to have a waiter stationed at every club within Lekki & VI. After last night,club owners are going to record low sales and Uber drivers will be busy tonight.

“Online stores and stores on Admiralty/Fola Osibo are used for money laundering.

“Armed robbers on instagram are regarded as G boys but in reality,their’s a different type of stealing.

“People steal and then turn around to blame the government for making them criminals. Anyone that defends a criminal is a criminal and while we have a list for people advocating rape culture,we should also have one for such people.

“An armed robber is an armed robber. You are a thief armed with a computer.”

Reactions to Noble Igwe’s snitching on Nigerian “Yahoo Yahoo” boys:


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