AIT sacks Gbenga Aruleba from ‘Focus Nigeria’ over bribery scandal

The management of Africa Independent Television AIT has relieved Gbenga Arulegba as the the host of Focus Nigeria.

This development comes few months after the station decided that the political talk show that airs from 10 am – 11am daily must be pre recorded following reports of strong anti Buhari sentiments on the show and resulting harassment from government officials.

The ace presenter made this known through some tweets on Tuesday. 

AIT is yet to give any official reason for sacking Gbenga Arulegba but a trusted source within the station that pleaded anonimimity revealed that the management of AIT were unhappy over Gbenga Arulegba’s refusal to join the Journslists Vanguard, a support group consisting of foremost Nigerian journalist dedicated to President Buhari’s reelection in 2019. This has prevented the station from benefiting from the largese stipulated for media outfits  friendly to the government in power. 

Gbenga on his part had refused to receive personal bribes from the Federal Government agents to tone down on his criticism of the government and his coverage of the Fulani Herdsmen attacks in North Central Nigeria. Also his insistence that the show must return to being a live show has caused him to be at loggerheads with AIT management who scrutinize content before they are aired. 


3 thoughts on “AIT sacks Gbenga Aruleba from ‘Focus Nigeria’ over bribery scandal

  1. This headlines does not go along with the story it should have read Gbenga aruleba sack because he didn’t agree to bribe taken!!!


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