#Headies Boss says Nigerian artists should stop focusing on Grammys Awards

HipTV CEO and organizer of Nigeria’s foremost music awards Headies Awards, Ayo Animashaun, has said that Nigerians should stop hoping to win the Grammys. 

He said the awards are not for Nigerian musicians. “I really don’t understand why Nigerians want to win the Grammys. Grammys are not for us, but for Americans. We should get that right. They put everybody in one world music category. We are not their focus. It is not for us. Yes, we can win awards, but they do not show us the way they run the award category during the show.” Animashaun said

The HipTV CEO thinks Nigeria should create their own awards that will be as big as the Grammys which the Americans have created for themselves. He said: “I think we should make our own awards, our own Grammy and I would say it any day that the Grammy is not for us. They have built something big for themselves. Let them come and win awards in Nigeria or Africa.”

Talking about celebrating indigenous creations, the Headies organizer said: “We don’t celebrate our own things. It’s just a shame. I have been to the Grammys many times and I don’t see many African artistes. They don’t particularly care because they recognise, mainly, their industry. They don’t know you exist.”

Mr Animashaun berated Nigerian artists who go abroad to attend the Grammys just to take pictures saying: “You go there taking pictures with them and when you are taking pictures with them, the guy is already looking somewhere else.”

He always  speaks about Nigerian artists seeking international collaboration. He ssys: “See all the artistes that paid for international collaboration. What happened?  They collect your money and they don’t want to come back. They don’t want to collaborate with you. And you know what?”

While advising Nigerian artists to focus on the local market, he said they will make more money You will make so much money in Nigeria if they  work hard and will be known in the whole of Africa.

“Build your own.” He says. “If I tell a sponsor now that we should take five artistes to the Grammy awards, they would be ready to do that but when it comes to Headies, we will be begging for sponsorship.”

 “Grammy is not our thing.” He reiterates.  “Let’s do our thing. Let’s make it big and fantastatic. Why do you want to win Grammy. There is no World Cup for music.”

This years (12th edition) of the Headies Awards holds at Eko Hotel and suites on May 5, 2018.


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