Trump says ‘Nigeria has a massive reputation for corruption’ … Buhari agrees 

US President Donald Trump has said they Nigeria has a massive reputation for corruption.

President Trump said this while receiving Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari in the White House on Monday. 

Despite this, President Trump offered US assistance to proffer a lasting solution to the menac of corruption in Nigeria 

“Nigeria has massive reputation for corruption,” Trump said. “I discussed it with the president and we agreed to do something on it.”

“We are working to cut” the corruption cases down, Mr Trump added.

President Buhari did not counter Trump’s  observation just like in 2016 when UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt.”  Buhari publicly acknowledged this and hailed Trump’s role in the peace talks between North and South Korea.   

When asked of he was offended by Mr Trump’s alleged “shi**ole” comments of African countries , Buhari replied:

“I am being careful about what the press says about others and myself. But the best thing for me to do is to keep quiet.” 

He however reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to upholding Human Rights even in fighting terrorism.  

“The government of Nigeria remains committed to human right,” even in the course of fighting terrorism, President Buhari said.


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