Nigerian Pidgin English Words and Their Meanings (Part 1)

Nigerian pidgin English has evolved over the years and has become more acceptable throughout the country.  The language also known as broken  evolved from creole after the return of liberated African slaves in the Americas. It is spoken and understood wildly across the nation as an unofficial lingua franca even among those who do not understand British English. Due to the fast rising influence of pidgin English, the British Broadcasting Service (BBC)  has announced the commencement of BBC Pidgin English service for Nigerian listeners. 

Here are some popular pidgin words and their meanings. 


(noun, verb, adjective): gossip. example: Make we do small amebo. Means ‘let’s gossip a little. ‘


(adjective): a fool, uninformed,  illiterate or an unwise person. Example: You be mumu boy. Meaning: ‘you are a foolish boy.’


(verb): eat something especially food. Example: I dey chop pando with egwisi. Meaning: ‘I am eating pounded yam (a local Nigerian food prepared by boiling and pounding yam into a mould) with egwusi(a Nigerian soup prepared with grinded melon seeds).

To be continued… 


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