Nigeria Was Duped Over N137 Billion in Purchasing of 12 Super Tucano Aircrafts from USA

Emerging information reveals that Nigeria was duped to the tune of over N137 billion in the purchase of 12 tucano aircraft’s from the United States without approval from the National Assembly. 

President Buhari had without legislative appropriation approved the purchase of the 12 war planes from the United States at a cost of  $496 million.

Interestingly, the market price of the aircraft $10.2million (bulk purchase) since we are purchasing 12 planes it should cost a total of $122.4million but Nigerians were charged $496m instead of $122m.

This means that Nigeria was duped tonthr tune of $373.6m (N137,484,400,000).

It should also be noted that Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, Afghanistan bought the same tucano aircraft at $10 million each. 

This explains why the purchase was done in secret backpassing the legislature that would have asked the important questions.  

Also the Federal Executive council was kept in the dark.

Many Nigerians have supported the national assembly I their call for impeachment of president Buhari over disobeying the laws of the land. 


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