Cee-C reacts to Ebuka’s interview where he denied knowing her

Cee-C has reacted to the interview in which Big Brother Naija host Ebuka said he didn’t know her. 

Cee-C had repeatedly claimed to have met Ebuka but he had denied meeting her before. 

On her defence, she said she met him but he may have forgotten. 

Here is her response :

“I have alot to address and answer but I will address this particular issue.

An interview of someone I respect, admire and see as my mentor was drawn to my attention. Like I said in the house I met @ebuka at an event he hosted, Yo!!! the fact that you meet somebody doesn’t mean that the person has to remember you. @ebuka is HUuuuGE in this industry and probably meets over 100,000 people a week, so therefore he has every right to say he has not meet ME. What I said in the house was from the view of someone who does not understand the industry. Guys I have met and had conservations with alot of people this week, that would as well say they have met me this week too and I can’t even remember.

To my fans, I do appreciate you all for always having my back, mehn!! where did you guys get that picture from

I advise we take it easy with the bashing, negativity, etc

Love You All,



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