Impeachment looms for President Buhari as National Assembly members compile signatures 

National Assembly members have begun the process of impeaching President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The lawmakers, who are un happy the president unilateral approval of $469 million for the purchase of 12 Super Tucano aircraft from the US without recourse to  national assembly have started collecting signatures for the purpose of impeaching the president. 

If this move pulls through, President Buhari will be the first Nigerian President to be impeached by the National Assembly. 

The the motion for impeachment was first raised on the floor of the house of reps on Wednesday by Hon. Kingsley Chinda after the speaker read the letter from the president informing the house that  $496 million was released for the purchase of fighter jets in anticipation of their approval causing am uproar in the green chamber as the members were unhappy that the president behaved in an unlawful manner, in violation of sections 80 and 81 of 1999 constitution which does not recognise anticipatory approval.

“There is nowhere in our law that talked about anticipatory approval. We cannot sit down and allow this to take place. It is an impeachable offence. There is no infraction that is worse than this. Let us not continue to sleep. I propose that we commence the impeachment of Mr President,” he had said.

Members of the House of Reps on Thursday had disclosed the matter will be refered to the committee on rules and business instead of initiating impeachment proceedings against the president. 

The Cable reports that the legislatures were just being diplomatic as they have already started collecting signatures for impeachment of the President. 


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