Nigerian Girl Says YES to her Man in a Surprise Marriage Proposal on her Birthday in Dubai

A Nigerian girl identified as Sophia Ejiofor was stunned by her man in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as what was supposed to be a birthday vacation ended with a marriage proposal and an engagement party. 

Sophia shared the amazing story of how her man left her breathless as he proposed to her on her birthday  in the beautiful Arabian city of Dubai.  

She wrote on insta: 

“MY PROPOSAL STORY: Somewhere in Dubai, I just sat waiting, phone rings “Hi ma’am, you have to come down to the security check, Mr Aniekan is in trouble” 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ My Head started spinning and I was shaking with fear as I made a run for the door and elevator😧 I got there & was even met by a guard by now the fear and tears were close to dropping or I was crying already🤦‍♀️ Oh then i saw him all graceful and safe😍 He just walked out from nowhere & all  I heard was “Will you be the mother of my kids” YES!!!💝 TBH This was supposed to be JUST my first time in Dubai & a birthday getaway. It was supposed to be JUST my birthday today 26/04/18. It was supposed to be JUST our traditional wedding pre photoshoot. BUT it turned out to be everything I ever wanted, I mean we are already set for our traditional wedding come May 19th after having our traditional engagement months back. I was already dressed for the supposed photoshoot, he told me the photographer was running late and he had to run down to the reception before the oyinbo people will change their mind and then this😂😂😂 I love you always and congratulations you finally got the chance to surprise me and I am ready to go forever with you🥂 #MrsA #ONANI2018 #Bestbirthdaygift #engaged  #bridetobe #Momtobe #dubaiwithlove #isaidyes #igbobride #akwaibomgroom #igbomeetsakwaibom  @bellanaijaweddings @preweddingnaija @igboweddings @calabarweddings @africansweetheartweddings @weddingdigestnaija cc @deloveexperience @azaraijewelers @atanahotels  @ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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