A Reaction to Chimamanda Adichie’s  Feminist Extremism 

After Nigerian award winning novelist Chimamanda Adichie famed for her extreme feminist views tackled Hilary Clinton over her Twitter bio that started with “wife,” many Nigeria’s have reacted to  her feminist ideals and questioned her Africanness. 

Here is the view of writer. historian and poet,  Jerry King Nwobodo:

“Feminism is a rogue movement born out of frustration and is a reflection of social decay and a lack of respect for the natural order. 

“Man and woman can never be equal. Even God created man before woman and gave him a divine task to name all the animals in the garden but the woman was an afterthought created to complement and comfort the man. 

“The truth  about this equality bruhaha is simple: a real man will love and respect his wife while a real woman will submit to her husband. 

“Chimamnda and her feminist soldiers should please go and rest.”


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