Phone number of Chibok schoolgirl still connects four years after kidnapping, parent confirms 

The news of the kidnapping of 276 Chibok schoolgirls by Boko Haram terrorists four years ago was received with mixed feelings. 

While many people in the opposition quickly jumped on the news to gain cheap political capital, those in government circles choose to dismiss the kidnapping as a hoax. 

Soon the authenticity of the kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls after a worldwide outcry for their release spurred the Bring Back our Girls Campaign. Cynicals still viewed the raging news of the kidnapping of 276 female students by Boko Haram as a conspiracy theory coined to disparage the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. 

A deserted soldier had in the past claimed that the Chibok schoolgirls were never kidnapped but nobody believed him. He said the girls were latter kidnapped subsequently to make true the impression that 276 Chibok girls were actually kidnapped on April 14, 2014. 

According to the deserted solder, security personnels who came close to unveiling the truth of the Chibok schoolgirls were summarily executed to prevent the truth from getting out.

In a new twist, a Channels TV report has revealed that the phone number of one of the Chibok schoolgirls still connects four years after she was kidnapped. The father of the student says whenever he calls his daughter,  a man suspected to be a Boko Haram insurgent picks up the call and tells him to stop calling his wife. The father of the abducted student further disclosed that the Boko Haram terrorist even threatened him to stop calling else he will deal with him. 

The situation is quite alarming and surprising because we live in an age  where technology can be deployed to track down any phone number that is active on the network grid. Yet the government seems to cast a blind eye on this fact. There is intact so much information in their disposal about the Boko Haram terrorists and their abductees but for political reasons, security agents are asked to stand down.  

Recall that a hostage negotiator working with the Federal government to secure the release of the Chibok schoolgirls had reveled that a certain general in the Nigerian army called off the negotiations mid-way without presidential approval despite the hard work put into negotiations to release the girls. 

Negotiations, ransoms and prisoner swaps have led to the release of about 113 girls but these released Chibok schoolgirls had remained shrouded in secrecy and kept under 24 hours surveillance by security personnel.  They have not been allowed to tell their stories to the world. 

Until now,  many people hold the view that the kidnappings if 276 schoolgirls in April 2018 was a hoax that wasade to be true. Many still believe that the conspiracy goes high up in the Nigerian army. And the conspirators will do whatever it takes to keep their collusion with the Boko Haram terrorists a secret. 



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