#BBNaija: Between “Boyfriend” and “Bestfriend”: Nina’s Love Triangle with Miracle and Collins 

Big Brother Naija housemate Nina is presently confused and unhappy. She seems to have hurt her man, Miracle by describing him as her “best friend.”

During the live eviction show on Sunday, Ebuka asked her about her relationship with Miracle and she began mincing words. Among the many gibberish she yarned, Nina said: “Miracle is my everything.”

Ebuka inquired more only for Nina to dribble around, sounding confused and unsure of her feelings for Miracle. 

Rewind to before the Big Brother reality TV show,  Nina has or ‘had’ a school boyfriend named Collins. She often spoke about him during her diary room sessions while she kept the “cheating situation” (using Ebuka’s words)  with Miracle going. 

Now Nina is in a twist. Miracle is upset about Nina’s two-mouth or two-faced approach to their relationship. She calls him “boo boo” in private and says he is her “best friend” in public as seen in the live eviction show on Sunday. 

Nina still maintains that  Miracle means so much to her and nothing changes between them when they leave the Big Brother reality show. She blames Ebuka for asking her a tricky question and vows to correct her mistake if he asks her about her relationship with Miracle again.  
Such a confusing situation and right now Nina and Miracle are not in taking terms.  

Little wonder why Nina and Miracle seem to be the most popular characters in this year’s season of Big Brother Naija, garnering most votes as fans want to see more of their drama. 

The drama continues…  


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