Are you an US citizen? Register for Big Brother US Season 20 #BB20 #BBNaija

As Big Brother Naija comes to an end on April 29th, another season of Big Brother US will be coming on stream. For those who are hooked up on reality TV, the fun continues.

Big Brother US Season 20 will begin to air on CBS this summer. Registration is on but sorry it is only for US citizens.  

How to Apply

The season is here again and Julie Chen is set to host yet another epic edition of CBS reality show, Big Brother. Meanwhile, the Big Brother US season 20 (BB20) application is ongoing. In this post however, we will cover the full details on How to Apply for Big Brother 20, the requirements and deadline.

According to the Director of Casting, this season will be very different from all other seasons especially Big Brother 19. The last season of Big Brother US is said to have disappointed a bit. Hence, interested applicants to send in their applications at the stipulated time after meeting the requirements which we are going to share with you as you read on.

Before we start, note that Big Brother organizers reserve the right to assess and select only those deemed to be the most qualified, out of the list of all eligible applicants.

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The qualified applicants are now referred to as “housemates” or “houseguests”. These

houseguests are being kept in the Big Brother house for approximately 100 days. During their stay, they are constantly being monitored by HD cameras and other special electronic devices. As the process goes on, nomination and eviction of housemates are being carried out until the house is left with one housemate that will go home with the grand prize of $500,000.

Big Brother 20 (BB20) Application Requirements

To be eligible, one must satisfy the following requirements.

Please note: The Producers are looking for a dynamic group of individuals who are articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the project as well as a willingness to share their most private thoughts in an open forum of strangers. This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions.

You must be willing to travel at you own expense to any interview location that will be specified by the producers if you are selected for the semi-finals. If need be, the producers have the right to change or cancel any location.

You must accept to travel to Los Angeles for the duration of one week if you are selected by the producers for the Finals. In this case, travelling and accommodation cost will be handled by the producers.

You must also accept to live in the Big Brother house at Los Angeles for a duration of 100 days with so many strangers where no privacy will be guaranteed.

During your stay in the Big Brother house, you will be constantly monitored by videos and recording cameras at all time. You will have no privacy as viewers all over the world will be watching your day to day activities in the house.

A grand prize of $500,000 will be given toonly one participant who will win the contest. Note that this grand prize is subject to change by the producers. While in the Big Brother house, a weekly stipend will be given to each participant payable after the final episode of the show has been aired.

At the time of application, an applicant must be at least 21 years of age and must also be a citizen of the United States of America.

You must not hold any public office when selected as participant.

You must be physically and mentally sound.

Must be willing to complete any form or documents that will be given to you if you are selected to be interviewed.

Right from the time of application, you subject yourself to be investigated by the producers for any civil, criminal, financial and driver-history conduct, including any other investigation necessary.

Big Brother Application Procedures

Below gives you the full details on how to Apply for BB20

Log on to the official website at

Before you apply, you have to make a video describing yourself. You could pre-record and then upload on the site, or otherwise, check out the video section of the official application website, and record live.

Upload a recent picture of yourself and the video while applying.

Fill out the application form with your contact information.

If you have been selected for the casting process, an email will be sent to you through the Email address you provided.


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