A Weak and Blind President Leading 180 Million People – Hope For Nigeria

**A Fantastically Corrupt Buhari Fighting Corruption, will not achieve anything. – UK PM

**The World Most Corruption leader in 2017 Fighting Corruption. – Transparency Int’l and World Media.

**Nigeria’s Most extravagant President Talking about spending cut for the Poor, while he and his folks’ lives large.

**Buhari Never accounted for N2.4trn Capital Budget in 2017, as Fasola said that No fund was released for capital projects for that year. Please Google this. 

**A President who shielded the most corrupt in his govt and Nigerians that footed his campaign bill from trial by EFCC and only going for opponents and perceived enemies with trump charges. 

**A President who see nothing wrong padding Budget in 2016, 2017 and 2018, yet he claims Mr Integrity.

**A President that lies about receiving trillions of Naira as income in 2017 and yet less than 40% of the budget was funded.

**A President that lies about increased Rice Production, yet 2017 Rice production was only 37% of Nigeria’s local Rice production in 2014 and Importation was at all-time high, mostly from Cotonou, Niger Republic and Chad.

**Mr Buhari that Spend $6m for Ear Treatment, $60m for an undisclosed illness in UK, His son paying $6.5m for treatment in Germany for his Bike accident, and about $150k to charter a Jet to fly him home, is talking about those that squandered Nigerian wealth.

**A President that imported Grass for Cows from Brazil that worth Millions of Dollars, while Millions of Nigerians barely eat in a whole day. These cows belong to individuals.

**A President that stayed 158days Overseas and a total of 259 days not going to his office in 2017 is talking of Re-election. 

**A President who supported a terrorist group, the Herdsmen to be slaughtering his compatriots and is asking for re-election.

**A President that Allocated $1billion for Terrorist Herdsmen, but their victims, (that lost lives, Farmland, destroyed Classrooms) were ignored.

**Mr Buhari who released over 11,000 Boko haram members captured by our soldiers between 2012 to 2015, paying them compensation, recruiting some into our Military. Majority of them have gone back fighting and killing our men and women in Uniform.

**Mr Buhari who introduced HATE SPEECH in Nigeria, trying to criminalise Nigerians who talks about his corruption and wickedness in office.

**His weakness is everywhere and the reason his Ministers, Aides, Military, Police do not respect his orders. Because he is just WEAK.

Buhari is weak, incompetent, out-of-touch and insensitive to continue in office.


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