Between Fulani Herdsmen and Igbo Rapists 

Of course stereotype is wrong and barbaric… Now folks are angry that because of the incident of rape at the Enugu concert of Flavor, some people are referring to Igbo men as rapist.

Now, when we were shouting ourselves hoarse here that people should stop calling herdsmen causing terrible atrocities and killings as “Fulani herdsmen”, they shouted us down claiming evil should be called his name.

I guess evil should be called its name in Enugu too? No be so?

You see, life has a way of making us to realise our folly and studipity. I can’t get how because of one single incident, people would unfortunately tag a whole ethnic group. It’s a terrible thing that keeps unfolding in this part of the world everytime.

I have seen some who were all over the place calling every Fulani man a killer herdsman now angry that Igbo men are now labelled rapist. I just sigh because you just got fed with the same food you’ve been feeding others and you are angry.

I hope one day we would all come to a realisation that humans do evil/bad stuff not because of their ethninicity but because they are just plain evil. Just like you have good people in every tribe, so you have bad people. It has nothing to do with tribe.

The question is, would all these tribal bigots around listen?


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