Controversy As #BBNaija Votes Evicting Teddy A And Bam Bam Does Not Add Up To 100%

While many Big Brother Naija viewers are disappointed at the eviction of Bam Bam and Teddy A, new information emerges that the voting aggregation didn’t add up to 100%.

It looks like the votes were allocated to the various house mates.

Nina got 44%, Cee-C got 24.38% while the two evicted housemates Teddy A and BamBam got 16.81% and 13.37% each. Aggregating the votes gives a total of 98.56%. This throws more doubt on the credibility of the votes and the show. 

In a tweet the organizers of the show apologized for the error. 

“Dear viewers, an incorrect percentage was published for Nina during this night’s eviction show.

“While we deeply regret this error, we wish to state that the audited and verified percentage for Nina is 45.44% #BBNaija #BBNLiveShow.”

In an electronically generated voting system,  there is no room for error as the computer  algorithms generate the percentage votes for each housemate automatically without human interference. This error clearly shows that the votes are allocated to each housemate at the discretion of #BBNaija organizers. 


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