What is Buhari’s Connection with Boko Haram?  | Charles Alabi 

Charles Alabi, a Nigerian and a Constitutional Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,asks What is the interest of the president and commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Muhamadu Buhari in the Terrorist group Boko Haram?

* Repentant Bokoharam insurgents : CAN, JNl Disagree As Buhari Offers “Amnesty” -[Punch]

* First Two months in office ,Buhari Freed Over 500 Detained/Convicted Members Of Bokoharam.

* About Six Months Later ,He Freed Another 1, 500 From Yobe/Maiduguri Prisons.

* Thirdly ,he went in person and freed about 700 more in Kano Prison during Ramadan.

* So far, the man Buhari has freed over 5,000 Members Of Bokoharam, Either Detained Or in jail.

* There was no follow up or Parole to make sure those he freed do not return to their Usual base.

* We read reports about How Buhari’s Govt has been rewarding Bokoharam with millions of Dollars in the name of Paying Ransom for few Chibok girls and all.

* He frees them

* He pays them

* Now, he is offering them Amnesty

* What is Buhari’s interest in Terrorists ??

* ls there something we don’t know that connects them Abuja and Bokoharam?

* Why ls Buhari hobnobbing with Terrorists that had murdered thousands of Nigerians?

Charles Alabi ·Sen


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