105 Dapchi Girls Releasd by Boko Haram Raises More Questions 

Islamist militant sect, Boko Haram has released 105 girls kidnapped from a secondary school in Dapchi, Yobe State Nigeria. 

The girls were released in the early hours of today, government sources say.

The militant sect drove into the community with the girls in 10 vehicles just as they were kidnapped without any form of hindrance. 

The villagers were scared and scampered into the bush. They dropped a girl in a nearby village and then drove into the center of Dapchi town where they dropped off the remaining girls. 

Of the 110 girl kidnapped, 105 were released and the remaining 5 are presumed dead. 

The details of the release is still sketchy as the government has not come forth to explain why the insurgents dropped the girls without any form of confrontation with government forces. It is not clear if the government paid for their release or Boko Haram freed the girls out of their own good will. 

President Buhari in during his visit to Dapchi following the incident had stated that he is committed to doing everything possible to secure the release of the girls including negotiating with the terrorists and paying ransom.

Is someone or a group of people benefiting from this insurgency in Nigeria’s North East?  If the government paid the terrorist, won’t this be encouraging them to do more harm? These terrorists will have more money to buy weapons and carry on its evil agenda and this crisis may not end soon.  

The 105 girls released are currently in the custody of Department of State Service (DSS)  Yobe Command awaiting debriefing.  


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