CIA Exposed as Killers of Nigeria’s Military Dictator Sani Abacha and MKO Abiola 

The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Nigeria’s President-Elect in the annuled June 12, 1993 elections Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (MKO) Abiola and dictator Sani Abacha has been shrouded in mystery. 

MKO Abiola was the winner of the presidential elections of June 12, 1993 but the military junta under Gen. Ibrahim Babngida cancelled the elections. He died in detention after an apparent poisoning in 1998. 

Nigeria’s military dictator Gen. Sani Abacha also died under questionable circumstsnces.

The mystery surrounding these deaths have remained a conspiracy theory until the recent outburst by  former aviation minister Fani Kayode. He named the people behind the deaths of MKO Abiola and Sani Abacha including former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Thomas Pickering and former President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice are said to have spiced up the teacup that killed Chief MKO Abiola. 

Fani Kayode also accused them of killing Gen. Sani Abacha. He said the Indian girls who are said to have poisoned the dictator were CIA agents. 

These revelations were made via twitter. He tweeted:

I watched America’s former Amb. to Nigeria, Thomas Pickering, on @BBCWorld_Tv. He spoke about the poisoning of the Russian exile in the UK and said he believes that Putin was behind it.

He and Obama’s former Nat. Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who at that time was Bill Clinton’s Ass. Sec. of State for Africa, were the duo that MADE and GAVE Chief MKO Abiola (the winner of Nigeria’s June 12th 1993 pres. election) a cup of tea in 1998 when they went to see him in detention. 20 minutes later, right in front of them, Abiola dropped dead!

I believe that Pickering and Rice,both of whom work for the CIA, poisoned Abiola just as I believe that the 2 Indian girls that spent the night in the Villa with Gen. Sani Abacha and fed him the poisoned apple that killed him one month earlier to the day were also CIA.

Can Pickering tell us why he and Susan Rice poisoned our President-elect? Does he still work and kill for the CIA? We will NEVER forget what they did! And we will NEVER forget our hero and leader MKO Abiola who refused to give up his mandate and who was martyred for democracy


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