Man From The Future Reveals British Government Will Release Time Travel Technology In 2028

A man who claims he traveled through time has revealed that the British government will release time travel technology in 2028.

William Taylor the self acclaimed time traveler said he worked for the British intelligence service in the early 2000s and was sent forward into time. His reveals his findings from the future where he claims humans have arrived at utopia – without illness, death or crime. 

Taylor says in the future, all humans are gone and we’ll be replaced with hybrid robot-humans. 

He claims the British government is in possession of advanced technologies including time travel technology which they’re keeping secret from the public, however, in 2028 some of these technologies will be made public.

While speaking to Apex TV,  Taylor disclosed that he has been sent to year 3000. He said he decided to tell the public the truth. He said: “It’s time to finally come clean, it’s time to tell the public the truth. It’s time to tell you – whoever is out there watching – the truth. I used to work for the British government. “I am extremely regretful for not [telling my family what I did]. I have been living a lie for quite some time now. “There are many advanced technologies being kept secret from you. “Please understand that they are going to come after me for making this video. I’m putting myself at great risk for telling you the truth.” Taylor goes on to say that it’s not only time travel that exists, but also the possibility to pass between universes. He says he was placed in a small machine in the ‘early 2000s’ and awoke in 3000 – he said the ‘smog filled’ city had no one around at ground level, but transportation was flying overhead. He says that the reason the technology was developed was an attempt to deal with various extra-terrestrial cover ups the government has had kept hidden across the years. via GIPHY As part of his final mission, Taylor says he was sent to the year 8973 where he got speaking to a group of people who ‘looked different’ – tall, skinny with big heads and big eyes. These people, he says, were completely unbothered by the fact he was time traveller and later explained to him that they weren’t actually humans at all – but robo-human-hybrids who live forever. Sounds awful. Naturally, many people have called Taylor out over his claims, but he seems quite adamant. 


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