Peace Atulaegwu Drops Debut Gospel Single “It’s All About Jesus”

Budding gospel singer, Peace Atulaegwu has released her debut single “It’s All About Jesus.” 

The song is about the personslity of Jesus Christ, who is high above all our challenges and troubles. 

“Its not about the sickness in our souls, the song says. “Its about the healer who makes us whole.”

The second verse opens with “it’s not about the troubles that impedes.”  Adding, “it’s about the Saviour knowing your every need.”

The chorus goes:

You are so wonderful, excellent, you are so beautiful, marvelous, you are great you are great.

Peace Atulaegwu is a graduate of Electronics Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is a song writer, worship leader, inspiring worshiper and her songs are known to create an atmosphere of God’s presence. Not only does she make awesome gospel music, her lyrics which are rich in God’s word and revelation are nothing short of compelling. For Peace, Music isn’t merely a profession or a hobby; music is life.

Download It’s All About Jesus by Peace Atulaegwu


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