Tobi Of #BBNaija: A Yoruba Demon And His Cunning Antics

The term Yoruba Demon is gaining prominence in Nigeria’s public sphere and the question about who a Yoruba demon is on many lips right now after it started as a joke on social media.  

A Yoruba demon is simply a young Yoruba man who prides in the trade of deceiving women into falling in love and then leaving them shattered and heart broken.  As a cassanova, they are usually smooth talkers,  gentle men to the core and quickly steal their way into a woman’s heart. Keep numerous girlfriends, concubines and side chicks.  

These group of young men usually step out together at weddings and public functions looking fly and colourful in matching outfits. They crave the attention of many young women and live an ambiguously fake life.  

Yoruba Demons are known to support one another when it comes to impressing a girl that is proving difficult to get.  They can lend each other flamboyant cars,  clothes,  wrist watches and shoes just to nail a woman.

Recently,  Tobi of the Big Brother has has been in the spotlight for being a typical Yoruba Demon after he openly discolosed at the ongoing Big Brother Naija that he is an unapologetic  playboy. Many people have been calling for his expulsion from the Yoruba Demons Association following his  seeming subservience to fellow housemate and female pair Cee C. 

It is however clear that Tobi, who is the Head of House is playing into the hearts of viewers of the Big Brother Naija show, gaining sympathy for himself and becoming more popular to the detrimental of Cee C.  But as it stands,  this edition of BB Naija is about pairs so technically, if Cee C goes,  Tobi goes too. 

Read the letter Tobi wrote to Yoruba Demons Associction.

Refusal of Dismissal from YDA 

l write in response to the numerous letters calling for my dismissal from this extremely revered organisation. Ha ah!!!!! Mogbe!!!…O ya mi lenu After all the havoc we have caused together and the camaraderie we share? When first heard that a letter was being written l said it had to be a rumor like when they said Funke Akindele was in Avengers Infinity Wars So you can imagine my surprise when not just one letter but FIVEEEEEEE were sent in from our various factions. I am a full-fledged member who has never skipped my dues. In fact I can name a few “Dejis” that l have helped pay dues on three different occasions. have even gone ahead to buy all the black, white, grey, sky blue and purple Atiku material for our national convention and perhaps Adekunle Gold’s wedding. Oti oooo! You can’t dismiss me. Life inside this house is hard when you don’t have your brothers giving you ginger and feeding you with expo. However, we all know that regardless of the challenges we YDs rise to the occasion. Ajo le po. Do not worry, this will soon be over and we will all drink, celebrate, and keep giving them too much sau #pepperdem.




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