Sakawa: The Ghanian term for Yahoo Plus and the Rush into Internet Fraud

Internet fraudsters abound in Nigeria and Ghana as many youths have delved into this vice to make up for government’s failure to provide jobs while others are lured simply by the flashy lifestyle characterized by girls big cars and big houses.

While in Nigeria they are known as Yahoo boys, Ghanian fraudsters are called Sakawa boys.

Sakawa is a popular practice in Ghana which involves internet based fraud with traditional Akan ritual. It is so popular in Ghana that used even kids would understand what you mean at the mention of the word. Internet scam in Ghana has really metamorphosed into a very serious and lucrative business. Popularly known as Sakawa boys in Ghana, they do not succeed only with the combination of wits, persuasion, subtlety, expertise and intelligence which are the normal characteristics of internet scamming; they also use some juju and voodoo.

The extent to which this underground business has grown in Ghana is quite alarming. The worst part of it is that they are making it as well as getting away with it. They ride costly cars, go out with charming ladies, and live in luxury houses. These rich guys sacrifice so much to keep the money flowing. Some are said to sleep in coffins, kill animals, loved . ones and observe secret codes as directed by their spiritual mentor.

They undergo so much pain and suffering but manage to keep up for appearances with big cars, expensive jewelry and dollar bills.

Youths should be warned, all that glitters is not gold.


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