Toke Makinwa EXPOSED: Dating 70-year-old Billionaire, Children Cry out


The bubble has burst for broadcaster and radio personality, Toke Makinwa as the children of her lover are crying out for help as their financially troubled father is spending recklessly on the the  radio host.

Toke’s boyfriend, no Sugar Daddy, is the 70-year-old billionaire, Festus Fadeyi who is the CEO of  Pan Ocean Corporation Nigeria has been the financial muscle behind Toke’s shopping spree abroad and her recently purchased Range Rover SUV which cost a whoppin 50 million naira.

Mr. Fadeyi’s children are greatly distressed over the recklessness of their father who is heavily indebted to Sky Bank to the tune of over 196 billion naira. Mr. Fadeyi seems to have been charmed by the recently divorced Youtube Vlogger.

Toke Makinwa Lied about the source of her Range Rover 

She had claimed she bought herself the vehicle after saving for three years. LIES!


She said in an Instagram post:

“I’m learning to breathe again, learning to let go and completely let God with everything (not some but all), I’m learning to appreciate my journey, learning to accept God’s blessings without feeling guilty, undeserving or scared of what may come next I’m learning to trust again, learning to take better care of myself, ( I bought myself the car of my dreams and I make no apologies for it) “Thank you Jesus”….. I’m learning to not be so hard on me even when I fall. I’m learning about life each day, learning to see beauty in everyone and every situation. I am human, I am learning, I am becoming #OnBecominginSA“

This will not be particular to Toke Makinwa as many Nigerian female celebrities actually live off their rich boyfriends and show off on social media. But unfortunately for Toke the children of her lover are all out to disgrace her and retrieve the Range Rover their father bought for her. Toke is now on the run, she now steals her way through Lagos by covering her number plates with black leather.



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