An X Ray of Immanuel Ifediata’s Outburst: A Response To An Appauling Nigerian Reality

It wont be a thing of surprise to find many Nigerians lashing out on Immanuel Ifediata, a young Nigerian graduate confronted by the hash realities of the present day Nigeria.

It is no more news that a young man cannot marry a woman of his choice if he can’t take care of her immediate and family needs, including shouldering the responsibility of providing for her extended family.

Gone are the days when our society placed value on the moral timber of a man and his potentials of creating wealth in the future.

Sadly enough, our society has lost its essence and is fast heading for desolation.

That a young brave school leaver, distraught and in rude shock that a honest young man can never be taken seriously  by a woman if he does not flaunght wealth to impress, whether  ill gotten or not. It’s no surprise that an unmarried middle aged woman who made money by going to bed with millionaires and masquerading as an accomplished blogger would be the first to throw a jab at a young man for expressing a honest opinion.
Mr. Ifediata never mentioned having sexual relationship with under aged secondary school students neither did he advice men to do same. Instead he talked about marriage. He only decried a frustrating, evil system that has spurred many young men like him into a life of armed robbery, kidnapping, thuggery, money rituals and advanced fee fraud aka ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’.

Instead of asking for his head, Immanuel Ifediata should be hailed for being brave while women like Linda Ikeji who have chosen to defend the entrenchment of corporate prostitution into our society should find a husband or keep their obnoxious views to themselves.


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