Nigeria: Police officer accidentally shoots woman while chasing con man  

In what appeared to be a manhunt for internet fraudstars turned bloody as a stray bullet killed an in innocent bystander in Mushin, Lagos..

The innocent vimctim identified as Mama Ayo was shot dead by a policeman serving in the Lagos State Anti Robbery Squad SARS while the suspected scammers escaped.  .

The trigger happy policeman known in the Area as Tboy hurridly fled the scene as the angry youths began to protest.

Controversy now suttounds the reason why a police officer will resort to deadly force  when the punishment for the crime isbroughtmum of 7 years jail term and the suspects in question are unarmed.  .

The SARS unit of the Nigerian police has built a reputation of flagrant disregard for standard rules of engagement which has resulted to the deaths of no less  than 7,000 suspects per year. These suspects ate either killed during pursuit or murded extra judicially while in detention with no justice for the victims.

According to an Amnesty International report  the cases of extra judicial killings in Nigeria and self styled executions by law enforcement agents has remained unchecked while cases as the Apo killings and Onitsha Massacre of IPOB members by soldiers when brought before the courts of law lingers for too long or turn cold while innocent civilians keep dying in the hands of unproefessiomal police officers.


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