Suspected killer claims Tricia McCauley committed suicide after they had sex


Alleged killer of Step Up actress Tricia McCauley has claimed that the actress killed herself after having sex with him.

Adrian Duane Johnson, 29, was accused of McCauley’s murder after he was found driving her car with her body in the back seat. Johnson claimed McCauley, 46, killed herself after they met on Christmas day, had sex with him and she willfully handed him  all her money and credit cards.

“She was suicidal and hung herself in the car,” Johnson told officers after he was spotted whit McCauley’s Scion IQ outside a CVS Pharmacy in D.C. at 11:19 p.m. He said that prior to “killing herself, she told him that he could have all her belongings, including credit cards, money and her car.”

Autopsy conducted has revealed that the actress died from ligature strangulation and blunt force trauma.  Her underwear was torn and her feet tied together while Johnson went shopping with her credit card

Prior to her death, Tricia McCauley worked as a herbalist and a yoga instructor.