Rescued African Migrants on the Mediterranean sea dancing Shoki, are they Nigerians?


Some migrants were dancing Shoki after they were were rescued rescued off the coast of Libya. They were so excited that their suicide mission wasn’t a suicide after all.  They caught the first glimpse of Europe all they just had to burst into dancing.

This footage was captured dancing  to a popular Nigerian praise song while their dance moves were typically the Shoki dance making waves in the most populous black nation..

Although their identities cannot be easily ascertained, it will only be a big guess to conclude that they are all Nigerians. … Anyway there are huge chances that the Nigerian population on that ship will be= the biggest. Afterall, Nigeria is the most populous Black nation, so who would doubt that over half of the Black immigrants on an African migrant ship to Europe wont come from Nigeria?

At least they didn’t sink in the Blue Mediterranean. They got into Europe safely.