Stop depending on men for money – Kate Henshaw advises Nigerian women


Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has expressed her frustration with ladies who cannot provide for themselves but depend solely on men for income to survive.

Kate shared her thoughts via a post on twitter.

She said: “I cannot for the life of me understand why a woman will not be financially stable or capable to hold her own if need arise.

“You are cut off from friends and family, and taken out to another country.

“Yet you do not work or even own a phone.

“Is that not prison?

“What if there is an emergency, what will you do?”

Many Nigerian women today depend on their men to provide basically all their needs. Most of these women have several boyfriends, husbands, male friends or sugar daddies who supply them with cash or gifts to ensure their survival.Some live a life of luxury and flaunt their expensive phones, jewelries and other accessories like cars and clothes while others are opportuned to travel on expense paid trips to cities like  Dubai, Paris, New York and Johannesburg all from a mans pocket.

If this trend is left unchecked will keep  our women in a life of total dependence on men.

Is Kate right?

Should women stop receiving gifts from men or depending on them for help in times of need?

Should men stop showering their gifts on the women they love or cre about?