Why should anyone care about Malia Obama’s weed video?


Lots of controversy has trailed the 9-second video of 18-year-old daughter of President Barack Obama smoking what many suspected to be cannabis.

Malia Obama was at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois where the video which has generated to much buzz was captured.

The question now is, should anyone care?

Because she is the daughter of President Obama doesn’t give anyone the right to nail her.Infact, marijuana is legal in Illinois  The truth however is that by attending that concert, she missed  Hilary Clinton’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Maybe she didn’t commit a crime per say but maybe she has made a political blunder. Either way it does not warrant the smear campaign that is flying around the internet.

Post like this one aren’t meant to see the light of day.


Pretty tough words she used there. Totally uncalled for, although the response she got was epic.

So do you think Malia was wrong? ,Does she deserve the negative comments?

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