Ubi Franklin clears the air about Iyanya’s exit from his record label

Ubi Franklin, CEO of Made Men Music Group (Triple M) has spoken up concerning Iyanya’s rumoured exit from the record label.

In a statement released on Thursday, Ubi confirmed that Iyanya was moving to his own record label. He maintained that here was no bad blood between them contrary to media reports as he had already given Iyanya his blessings.

Iyanya’s new record label which will be a subsidiary of Made Men Music Group has been fully registered and ready to kick of.

Ubi Franklin’s statement reads:

Iyanya had approached me about a year ago and notified me of his intentions to start up a label. He wanted my blessings to do so and I told him it was a welcome development. I assured him of my support to help structure his planned label with the existing company (Made Men Music Group) whenever he was ready and the process was initiated.

Two weeks ago he shared with me, news that the company had been duly registered and was ready to commence operations. I was also privy to the information that he had identified a few artistes with potential he wants to nurture. This done, I knew the label was ready to kick off.

I understand his post piqued the curiosity fthe public and blogs made what they could of the news.

Yes, Iyanya is starting a new label which will be a company out of Made Men Music with a different structure and a different focus, aiming at growing our industry.

I would like to state here that like every other label we all have our internal issues from time to time.

We have shared happy and sad moments and it’s only fair to grow each other in every way possible. Not every move means a breakup.

As you know we still stand this way.




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