Kylie Jenner freaks out over her first strand of grey hair

Kylie Jenner has found her first grey hair and she is not happy about it..

The 18-year-old reality star was getting her hair done by her stylist when he alerted her of a.silver strand. 

“Look what we found” he tells her in her Snapchat post. The reality star was apprehensive about this find and ordered him to pluck it out.”Oh my God,” she freaks out, “Take it out!”But her friends tell the stylist that if he takes it out, more grey strands will erupt, but he just removes the grey strand anyway.

In another Snapchat video Kylie displays the hair up close. “You guys, my first gray hair,” she says. “I think my mom got gray hairs in her early 20s,” she added. She laughs.

This grey hair might in the next few years be followed by more fiery looking greys if the KUWTK star ain’t slowing down or stops dying her hair in crazy colours with all the bleach that goes in after.