Donald Trump to invite North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to the US


The US Republican Party’s presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that he would invite North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to the United States for nuclear talks, but not for an official state dinner.

He made this known at an Atlanta rally on Wednesday where he mocked Democratic Party’s presumptive candidate, Hillary Clinton for her criticism of his willingness to dialogue with the Korean despot.

“If he [Kim] came here, I would accept him,” Trump said during the rally. “But I wouldn’t give him a state dinner like China, or all these other nations who are ripping us off.”

“It’s opening a dialogue, We shouldn’t be having state dinners at all, he continued. We should be eating a hamburger on a conference table and making better deals. I’m only going to make a good deal,”

For her criticism,Trump addressed  the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton as a “rank amateur”.
“What the hell is wrong with speaking? And you know what? It’s called opening a dialogue. It’s opening a dialogue”, Trump said.