Kim Kardahian and Kanye West are getting a $1 billion divorce?


The world may soon be seeing the end of Kimye following reports of a $1 billion divorce.
Kim Kardashian is  might be considering  a divorce with Kanye because of the huge pile of debt he has accumulated for her to offset. There are reports that Kanye West is in debt to a tune of close to $60 million after a series of failed ventures while Kim is paying for the renovation of their Hidden Hills home.
Kim K has has also had enough of Kanye West’s wild rants. He in fact admitted that he had to on several occasions explain to Kim what his outbursts on social media really entail.
There’s $1 billion at stake here and a messy custody battle up ahead for the couple who have been sleeping in separate beds for close to 9 months now.
Beneath all the smiles and happy face, Kim may going through depression while hiding the truth of her pain from her ‘all controlling’ husband.
“She’s putting on this happy face and keeping the truth from Kanye,” a source tell Star Magazine. This is “because he’ll explode if he finds out. He’s so moody and controlling. He micromanages everything from what she wears to what they do in the bedroom. They argue all the time. Kim is exhausted and just can’t take it anymore.”
“His behavior is getting more out of control by the day. It’s no way to live. Kim is planning her escape before things get even uglier.”
The couple has been fighting like crazy , the report continues — mostly because Kim is sick of his crazy rants. “Kim is embarrassed by Kanye. His tirades and behaving like he’s God are cringeworthy for her. It’s just one thing after another, and Kim doesn’t know when it’s going to stop .” They were going to go to Cannes together this year, “but they had a huge fight before they were supposed to leave. She told Kanye to ‘stay the hell away from her’ and left him at home”, the source close to Kimye said.
Kanye West has also recently been kin on ridding Kim’s staff of any attractive heterosexual male. “He lined up a bunch of men who he deemed ‘too attractive’ — from landscapers to security people, hair and makeup artists and business consultants — and gave them their walking papers. Kanye is clearly limiting his wife’s exposure to temptation. He tells friends that Kim is just too hot for heterosexual men to resist, so he replaced those guys with women or openly gay men.”
He however keeps gorgeous heterosexual women in his employ. “It’s OK for him to employ
gorgeous women, but it’s not all right the other way round. He’s got some serious double standards,” the source says.
Their relationship has gotten to the point where it is impossible for the couple to go a whole without a lengthy argument. Kanye has gotten very aggressive, defensive and very impossible for Kim to approach. It will take a wave of a magic wand for the couple to go through this phase without ending up divorced.