For fear of plane crash: PDP chiftains turn down Sheriff’s airlift to National Convention


PDP chieftains have refused to board Ali Modu Sheriff’s flight brought to airlift them to the PDP National Convention holding today May 21 in Abuja. According to sources in the PDP camp,  the Concerned PDP  Stakeholders, a faction led by Prof. Jerry Gana rejected last minute moves to attend today’s PDP convention holding in Abuja.

A source in Sherrif’s camp confirmed the news saying;

“We have been talking, in fact we told them that we were ready to abandon Sheriff and that they should come to Port Harcourt for final discussion.

“We sent an aircraft to them, hoping that they would board and come here for final discussion. We were ready to share offices with them. But they refused to turn up.”


A member of the Concerned PDP  Stakeholders faction however said that the reason for their action was because they do not trust the antics of Ali Modu Sherrif.

He said:

“We didn’t board their aircraft because we didn’t trust them. They ignored us, they said we didn’t have money to run the party and now they were sending aircraft to us at the last minute. We don’t need it.”