Autopsy reports reveals that Ronke Shonde died from a respiratory seizure


An autopsy conducted reveal has  that the death of Mrs. Ronke Shonde, was caused by a respiratory seizure.
Mrs. Ronke Shonde was allegedly murdered by her husband Lekan, after which he went into hiding for four days.
It is not clear if this autopsy exonerates her husband. But the result rules out her death was a result of violence.
The police have not said that Lekan will be set free because a seizure could be caused  by either a severe blow to the head, acute fever or severe case of intoxication.
This means that Lekan has not been let off the hook. Not just yet.
Furthermore, his actions after her death – going AWOL for four days and turning himself in after much entreaties might rope him in as a prime suspect in the death of his wife