Sinead O’Connor has been found safe after reported to be missing in Chicago


Sinead O’Connor was found safe on Monday after she was reported to be missing following a bicycle ride on Sunday.

The 49-year-old Irish-born singer is reported to be staying in town with friends in  Wilmette,  Chicago. She  supposedly went missing after a bicycle ride on Sunday. A caller had alerted authorities that she failed to return from a bicycle ride on Sunday.This raised concerns over her safety because of her history of mental instability and suicidal tendencies.

Sinead had six months ago, posted on Facebook that she had deliberately taken a drug overdose.

Also in a recent Facebook post,  the singer had expressed anger over failing to gain custody of her 12-year-old son, Shane, from Irish child welfare agency officials.

Sinead O’Connor became famous in the 1990’s with her hit single, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” a song written by Prince.

She has remained outspoken in her views against child abuse, sexism, racism and the Catholic Church – she once ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II during a live television broadcast on “Saturday Night Live” in 1992.

In March, she performed at a tribute concert for the late British musician, David Bowie at Chicago’s Metro rock venue.

Also, following the untimely death of Prince, O’Connor accused comedian Arsenio Hall of supplying drugs to Prince years before his death. Hall vehemently the allegations and responded by filling a $5 million defamation lawsuit in Los Angeles against O’Connor.