Meet soul singer and guitarist – Asikey George


Asikey George is a budding Nigerian soul singer with a golden voice. The beautiful guitar wielding songstress broke into the Nigerian music scene with her songs ‘Let Us Be’ and ‘Ordinary Love’ both released  in August 2015. She is signed to Pendulum Records. The singer will be releasing  an EP  titled ‘Human’ this August. caught up with the young talented singer for an interview.

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TalkParlour: Can you tell us about yourself?

Asikey: I’m Asikey, and Asikey is short for Asikiya. I’m from Rivers state. I’m a singer and songwriter signed to Pendulum Records.

TalkParlour: When did you start singing?

Asikey: I started singing on stage in 2013.

TalkParlour: How would you describe your kind of music?

Asikey: My kind of music is soulful and very expressive of myself and my beliefs about life

TalkParlour: What inspired you to be a musician?

Asikey: I decided to do music one night in 2013. A good friend of mine asked me what I would like to do and I said music because  that was all I could think of at the time. That was all that occurred to me. After my reply, I took it very seriously ever since. So I wasn’t exactly “inspired to”, because inspiration comes and goes. Its more a conscious decision I made for myself, inspired of course, by the need to express myself as an artist.

TalkParlour: Do you play any instruments?

Asikey: Yes, I play the acoustic guitar.

TalkParlour: Do you have any role model in music?

Asikey: No I don’t. But I admire Taylor Swift, more her person than her music but I guess they are about the same thing. My favourite singer is Hayley Williams of Paramore.



TalkParlour: Tell us about your songs ‘Ordinary love’ and ‘Let us be’

Asikey: Ordinary Love and Let Us Be were released August last year as double singles. They got good feedback and are still getting good feedback as far as listeners are concerned. They were also my first pieces under Pendulum.

TalkParlour: When should we be expecting your album?

Asikey: There are presently no talks about an album.

TalkParlour: What about your next EP ‘Human, when is it dropping?

Asikey: ‘Human’, a 7-track EP, would be released August this year, according to the C.E.O of Pendulum Records. There’s a lot of work going into the project so it’s been really time consuming. We started working on it December last year. So far, it’s been great and we’re counting down to August.



TalkParlour: What’s ‘Human’ all about?

Asikey: The title, ‘Human’ is simply about the human experience, basically, from my point of view, here and now, but could pretty much apply the majority of Humanity’s experience. The title was born out of the incredible realization that we’re much more than body and mind.

TalkParlour: Who is your celeb crush?

Asikey: I don’t have a celebrity crush.

TalkParlour: What is your favourite fashion item?

Asikey: I’m not a fashion person. I like bracelets on my wrists, if you’d consider that fashion item enough, lol.


TalkParlour: What’s your favourite colour

Asikey: Black is my favorite color. When all colors are blended together, you get black from the mixture. It’s a highly symbolic color to me.

TalkParlour: What do you do apart from music?

Asikey: I’m in my service year presently. I have business plans for a little later but for now, it’s music only.

TalkParlour: What are your hobbies?

Asikey: I love reading, walking, playing table tennis, writing, and of course, listening to music.

TalkParlour: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Asikey: Brymo .

TalkParlour: Why would you love to work with Brymo?

Asikey: I’d like to work with Brymo simply because I admire his personality as an artist and I’m a fan of his music. I also think we’d make a great duet.

TalkParlour: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Asikey: Actually, in less than a year, I see myself at the top of my career.

TalkParlour: A Word of advice for upcoming musicians.

Asikey: My advice is this: Focus on being a better person. That’s all the world needs from you, to give your goodness.

TalkParlour: How can your teaming fans connect with you on social media?

Asikey: I’m on Instagram as asikey_george, on Twitter as  @asikey_george and on Facebook as Asikey.

TalkParlour: Got any words for your fans?

Asikey: I want all my fans to know that I’m eternally grateful to them.