How strangers lured and killed Unizik student Vivian Odichinma in Enugu


A student of Unizik, Vivian Odichinma was found murdered and abandoned half naked in Enugu after she was lured by strangers who promised to pay her N250,000 to use her face for a calendar.
Vivian went missing for two weeks after leaving her residence despite pleas by her sister not to leave. Her body was found on Wednesday by the road side in Trans Ekulu, Enugu with  visible signs of torture.
Read the story as narrated by her friend Jennifer Oyatabu.
  “My friend answered a call on Sunday night; we overhead her saying that someone called her to come, that they will use her face for calendar and she will be paid N250, 000.
“She never wanted to go. After a while, a girl called her back for the same stuff and as she was preparing to go, my sister asked her if she knew the person but she said he was someone she met on the road.
“My sister told her not to go, that it was not genuine; she however insisted and left.
“She called my sister around 7pm and told her that she can’t come back again that day; she said she will come back the next day.
“On that Monday, everybody was trying her number to no avail. On Sunday, I told everybody that our friend was already missing. On Tuesday, one guy ran to me and said he overhead me saying we were looking for our friend.
“He said there was a girl they killed at Trans Ekulu.
“He gave description of the person and I told him to follow me to my sister’s house. We reached my sister’s place and she brought out the picture she (the deceased) snapped before she left.
“Immediately the guy saw the picture, he started crying and said she was the one.
“We went from one police station to the other until we finally reached Trans Ekulu police station and confirmed she was the one.
“She was lying half naked on the road.
“She was severely beaten because her face was swollen; blood gushing out from her mouth, nose and ear. Her two eyes were very black… Chai… The pad she used for her menstrual flow was beside her.
“The killers went away with her phone; put her slippers beside the flower.
“She is now in the mortuary,”  Jennifer wrote on Facebook.