Omawinmi storms out of interview after smoking and drinking allegations


Omawumi angrily staged a walk out while on set of “Da Chat” with Zinnia , a show on HFtv Africa when the presenter asked her about a smoking and drinking habit.
The show was going on well for about 15 minutes but when the presenter asked Omawunmi about her supposed smoking g and drinking habit, the singer asked,
Have you seen me smoking before?
“No” Zinnia replied.
Omwunmi then asked again, “So why would you say that? Now you see me as an artiste. I am contributing what I can. I make music the way that I should. And I come here I honour your invitation. And you’re supposed to mean me well. Do you mean me well?  Of course I do. the interviewer replied.
“So why would you say something that you’re not sure about?” She asked before walking out of the interview.