11 year old Russian girl sneaks into an aircraft without an air ticket


When an11 year old child can trick airport security,metal detectors  and board a flight without a ticket, then something is definitely wrong with the Russian airport security system. 
It happened that an 11-year old Russian girl (name withheld) managed to sneak her way through all security checks, metal detectors, check-in and passport control at the customs or baggage claim at Vnukovo airport without being noticed by authorities till she found her way onto a Rossiya airline aircraft.
The 11-year old girl joined  a group of adults with several children, and then took a free seat on the plane. She was only discovered by a flight attendant after the plane had taken off. She flew free from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.
She was was handed over to the authorities when she arrived her destination. It is however unknown if the girl came to the airport alone or she slipped away from her parents.
The Russian airline Rossiya which operated the flight, said that security procedures are responsibilities of the airport, however still said that they should be held responsible for such as mistake.
“That doesn’t mean that we are not taking any responsibility,” an official told AFP. The airline said that an internal investigation had been launched.