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Tyka Nelson to inherit singer Prince’s £550 million estate


Sister of  Singer Prince who died in the early hours of Thursday is set to inherit his $550 million estate.
This is because Prince was not married at the time of his death, had no children and both of his parents are dead.
His only sister Tyka Nelson had a strained relationship with him because of her drug addiction. She went to rebab in 2003 and the siblings reconciled years before his death


If it turns out that Prince made no will, as prescribed by Minnesota state law, his closest living relative Tyka, 55, will inherit his estate including £200m wealth plus his £350 million worth of unreleased music catalogue with earnings from his estate after his death. It is said that Prince could release an album every year for the next century.
Celebrity lawyer Dan Streisand said Prince would have made a will. He said: “Hopefully, Prince executed a trust and indicated his intentions, both with respect to who his trustee would be and how he would want the estate to be disposed of.”
Tyka arrived at Prince’s Paisley Park complex on Friday, where she told fans who were gathered there: “He loved you back.”    It us however possible that Prince might have willed his entire estate to the Jehovah’s Witness church close to his home. He attended the church for about 15 years before his death.