”I have not seen Tonto since her marriage” — D’banj opens up


D’banj has spoken up concerning his relationship with actress and singer Tonto Dikeh who gave birth to her first child recently.
D’banj who signed the actress-turned-musician to his record label, DB Records, said he has not set eyes on her since she got married.
”I have not seen Tonto since her marriage,” he said in a recent interview.
This is typical of the Koko Master’s lack of good communication skills, egocentric nature and his inability to manage people.  He didn’t see her and he didn’t call or visit her after she gave birth.
D’banj said that in a meeting he had with all the members of DB Records, he gave them a little pep talk. “I had a meeting with my team last year and I told everyone of them, my producers, songwriters and artistes that this year, they have to go and work harder than they have ever done in the past years.”
We all know that D’banj knows nothing about speaking politely. He must have irritated Tonto Dikeh who it is obvious took the opportunity of her marriage to run away from music since she has no musical talent and nothing else to offer.
According to D’banj,  Tonto Dikeh wants to take a break away from music to “concentrate on her foundation.”