[VIDEO] Watch CCT drama between Saraki’s lawyer and tribunal Chairman Danladi Umar


There was drama today at the Code of Conduct Tribunal trying the case of Bukola Saraki. Its Chairman, Danladi Umar and a counsel to embattled senate president Bukola saraki were involved in a hot exchange after which the council was sent out of the court.
Chairman Danladi erupted violently during a motion raised by one of Senator Saraki’s lawyer Raphael Oloyede reminding him of an existing motion filed on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016. He was seeking the CCT boss to disqualify himself from participating in the trial due to bias.
Danladi Umar reacted angrily to Oleyede’s request and threatened to charge him for contempt before asking him to leave the court room.

Chairman Danladi kept yelling:

“I said sit down! … I said sit down! …I said sit down!…”

Watch Video:

Danladi Umar’s uncontrollable outburst has been wildly criticized by Nigerians  as the video circulates online.