Phyno was my errand boy – J Martins claims


Singer J Martins while speaking with Marc Swagz on Dream FM Enugu  revealed that Phyno was his errand boy.
The singer and producer who just returned from a concert in Mali is promoting his new album ‘Authentic’.


“Phyno served me.” J Martins said.
“I used to come from Lagos to come and make music here [Enugu].
He further said that Phyno selflessly served him and he rewarded his unreserved loyalty by taking him to Lagos.
“Phyno will abandon everything he’s doing plus his school in IMT and Phyno will carry me to everywhere I’m doing anything in this town.”
J Martins who sounded like he was taking credit for Phyno’s success continued, “Phyno was practically my errand boy that’s why I was able to take him to Lagos.”
J Martin’s also attempted to recount how Flavour N’abania started his music career in Enugu, performing in gigs, parties and functions but OAP Marc Swagz had to intetupt the conversation before J Martins could reveal more.

Listen to the interview.