How Nigerian Girls View Relationships


Dating for the cash
Exactly!!” Vanessa screams!! “and the most painful part is that Dad
calculates every penny before it goes out!!” chips in Joy “Ha! all that
money and Dad is so stingy, what kind of man is that anyways ,he only gives
money if its related to academics, the man forgets that looking fly is good
business!!!” Vanessa concludes “mehn.. we need to look top notch, the girls
need to look fly, the girls need to look fly…” Over and over Joy repeats
the statement like a mantra as she reaches for her iphone 6+
Some where in a modestly furnished bedroom , two Nigerian sisters are
having this kind of conversation, lamenting over what they think is meager extra money from their parents and some what glorying in the thought that they are girls, of cause they are many ways to kill a rat ehen! If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed, so if Dad and mum don’t think they should be rolling in sufficient cash, enough to be the biggest girls on campus, of cause they are other methods of making money as girls right?
But then again these girls seem to not know the Nigerian slang that “When
Koni man die, na Koni man go bury am”
Your assignment? Hahahahaha go and learn what that means.
Back to business.
It has seemingly become a Nigerian thing to have some sort of extra method of income that although doesn’t count as a legit job per se but it gives you the financial benefits of a job! Magic abi? In case you are not aware,
that’s the definition of a 21st century relationship at least from the
angle of the lady.
But what are the benefits (if any) of this trend and what are the disadvantages of not being content with what you have (no matter how little) and going into a relationship as a means of getting extra cash or a source of income as apposed to actual affection or love or at least some thing that seems like it.
Well, as for the advantages, the list isn’t that long
2.More Money
Now here are just Five of the disadvantages which might seem stupid, unimportant or damn right useless and in fact which you might not see at all (until I tell you of course) if you are dating for the cash.

1. Its not real
Its not real for you and chances are, he feels that lacuna, that gap, that
lack of some thing genuine, real and tangible but common you know how guys are, they hardly ever come out and break up so he just plays along while
hoping for a change

2. You will not be taken seriously.
When all you care about is how much he is giving you, it shows! And trust
me, he will not be taking you anywhere near any alter in the name of
marriage! He wont even act a drama as a husband character if the wife is
you! ( sister its that bad!) Men love to pretend they are not emotional but
when they are being true to themselves, they will be the first to admit
that having some one who care about them is a hell of a good feeling!

3. If you are in for the Cash, he is in for the sex .
Makes sense right? The only reason he sticks around is for the “good good”
and the moment he doesn’t like your “kity kat” and decides he wants
“bounty chocolate” instead, you are out the door.
In time the thing becomes tiring and starts to feel like a subtler kind of
prostitution especially if you cannot stand his company, conversation or
just his mere presence.

4. Risk of STD’s
Being a girl on the move( if you catch my drift) gives you no time for
dilly dallying. You go in, spend just as much time as you need to, get
enough money from this dude and then break up at the first chance you get
which means in a short period you must have slept with several people
putting yourself at the risk of contracting deadly STD’s and even HIV/AIDS
5. Waste of your time
As a girl your biological clock doesn’t give you much time. By the time
you realize it, its too late.
There’s more to life than material stuff which is vanity.
By the time you start to regret, a substantive harm would have been done and all the money you have will not make up for such.

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