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Peter Okoye opens up about breakup of PSquare, fingers elder brother Jude


The Nigerian entertainment industry is still at shock after the breakup of musical duo PSquare due to some unreconcilable differences. While some think it is an orchestrated popularity stunt, others think the brothers will soon put their differences aside and get back together. But it seems like the PSquare breakup is going to be for real. Fans all over the world may never see the identical twin brothers record together.
One of the brothers Peter while speaking about their split in an interview with TheNet.ng said he had made several moves to salvage the group but was repeatedly turned down by his brothers Jude and Paul.
He said he has lived in fear in recent years over the imminent disintegration of the group.
Decrying the lack of structure of PSquare, he said he had advocated for a proper management team for the group but his brothers have repeatedly kicked against the idea.
“As I speak to you right now, we don’t have an office, no structure” he said. “When this issue started about five years ago, our lawyer told us the way we run our business is wrong.
“All I want is a proper structure in the sense that, we need to have proper management, business managers and all.”
Peter Okoye sacked Jude as his manager and unveiled his new management team. He released a new song Look Into My Eyes, and changed his stage name to Mr. P.
Twin brother Paul prefers to be known as Rudeboy. He released a song Call Heaven in which he evokes the memory of his late parents.

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