Falling Naira: Why Nigerians deserve better than this


During the 2015 general elections the APC promised heaven and earth to Nigerians. Buhari didn’t mince words when he said that there was corruption in the system. All Nigeria needed was his magic wand that would end the sufferings of Nigerians and stamp out corruption form the country.
Today nearly one year after Buhari became Commander-in-Chief for the second time, nothing has really changed.
NEPA, no PHCN. Ok the distribution companies still takes light for most part of the day. We barely have light for 12 hours. What happened to the 5000 mega watts they were boasting about sometime last year?
I am not pro-PDP neither am I anti APC. But what I am saying is that Nigerians deserve something far better that they are getting.
Nigeria deserves something better than a PADDED budget of crisis… They called it ‘Budget of Change.’ What we didn’t ask is, change from what to what?
Change from better to worst or from frying pan to fire?
Have you ever heard that a budget went missing  before?
Not in Nigeria  or anywhere in the world.
When some people said that Nigeria should create their own technology peculiar to their own needs, they didn’t mean create your own unique problems disguised in 4-1-9 and lie – lie.
What do you expect when the name of the minister of information in Nigeria is ‘Lie Mohammed’?
If not for some smart people who studied the budget from cover to cover we would not have known that they wanted to pay house rent for Aso Rock.
Funny Nigeria!
It is just like saying that the US for instance budgets a certain amount as house rent for the White House. Incredulous! Whoever inserted that ‘Aso Rock house rent’ into the budget should be jailed.  Advance fee fraud at the highest level.
Who was the rent meant for? Ibrahim Babangida or Murtala Mohammed.
They said 5,000 naira for all graduates. Now they have changed it to 5,000 naira for vulnerable people only.
How do we define ‘vulnerable’ in Nigeria. For God’s sake this is another  4-1-9 scheme. Everyone is ‘vulnerable’ in this country.
Wait till they start sharing the money. You will see your local government chairman waiting in queue to collect 5’000 naira.
Look at our falling naira. The last time I checked it was 400 naira to a dollar. By next week it may have climbed to 500 and maybe get up to 1000 by March. No good explanation. Just lies from Mr. Lie and the people at Central Bank.
The minister of finance and the CBN governor should just resign honourably. They have failed their fatherland.
Nigeria is not better than it was during the Jonathan-led PDP administration.
Nigerians voted APC because they wanted a better deal. They wanted positive change. But what they are getting is far away from their expectations.
Nigerians deserve BETTER than this. PERIOD.